HDI Heartland Quarterly Event

A successful first quarter event is complete for the Heartland Chapter.  This event was hosted by TGS.  There was a turnout of fifteen people. 

The Heartland Chapter President Stephen Sellaro provided chapter updates.  Discussion where focussed on the Heartland target of holding Events in March, June, September and December. There will be guest Speakers at each Event and the last Event will be the Awards Ceremony in December. Emphases was placed on the value of these meetings. What do people want to see from these meetings? 

Stephen gathered a list of topics of interest for future meetings (Centric guest speaker, work flow process, WFM, metrics, connect wise management, KM, tools, Automation chat bots, availability metrics, and training). If you would like to see a topic not mentioned be sure to contact the Heartland President Stephen Sellaro.

 Josh Stahl provided slides on the Cerner Help Desk processes, work flows, tools and metrics.  Cerner is a large organization and they have a plethora of applications that they support.   They breakdown their support into different segments, that provide backup support for other segments.  The ITSM tool of choice is Remedy and the KM of choice is Remedy.  They have over 10,000 knowledge articles.  They have a proprietary screen/dashboard called DragonDrop that sets on top of the Remedy knowledge management.  This helps with the usefulness of the Remedy KM articles. 


A great big Thank You goes out to our Host Don Newsom at TGS and to our Guest Speaker Josh Stahl from Cerner. 

Don't miss our next Event in June.


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